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A-Z Welcome Service

The A-Z enables quick access to the most important terms. If you cannot find a term you are looking for, please send it to us by email and we will add it immediately.



Abbreviations at Freie Universität Berlin

Here you can find a list of common abbrevations at Freie Universität Berlin.

Academic Senate of Freie Universität Berlin

Here you can find contact information and a brief protrait on the academic senate at Freie Universität. 

Accepting Rewards/Gifts

Here you can find the circular on the prohibition on accepting rewards and gifts (in German).

Accommodation Service

You can find more information on the Accommodation Service for international guest scientists here.

Annual Pass - Botanic Garden

Freie Universität employees are entitled to an annual pass for the Botanic Garden at a reduced rate. Besides the individual concession, the Botanic Garden also offers a reduced annual “Freie Universität Family Ticket. You can find further information here.

Annual Performance Reviews

You can find more information on the annual performance review here.


Bank Account

Here you can find information on opening a bank account in Germany.

Berlin Immigration Office

You can find more information on Berlin's Immigration Office, how to apply for a residence permit, etc. here.


 „Blackboard“ is the central learning platform at Freie Universität Berlin


Blogs are open to all members of Freie Universität Berlin. Find more information on that here.

Board of Trustees

Learn more about the Board of Trustees of Freie Universität Berlin here.

Broadcasting License Fee

Find more information on the broadcasting license fee here.

Business Travel

Find all necessary forms and information here.



Get an overview of the Freie Universität Berlin campus.


Center für Digitale Systeme - CeDis is the center for digital systems and center of competence for e-learning, e-research and multimedia at the University Library.

Certificate of Conduct

Find more information on how to apply for a certificate of conduct here.

Chief Gender Equality Officer

Here you can find the website of the chief gender equality officer at Freie Universität Berlin.

Child Benefits

You can find more information here along with the child benefits claim form.

Circular (Rundschreiben)

Here you can find the circulars of Freie Universität Berlin.

CMS Content Management System

Official websites of all university institutions and projects of Freie Universität Berlin are maintained through the central content management system (CMS). You can find more information here. 

Continuing Education

Find more information on continuing education at Freie Universität here.

Continuing Professional Development Policy

You can access the continuing professional development policy here.

Contracts for Work and Services

Corporate Design

You can find the templates for using Freie Universität's corporate design here.



Should you experience discrimination in your working environment, you have numerous contact persons at your disposal.

District Office

Within two weeks of moving into a new place, you need to register at one of the 40 district offices in Berlin. Find more information here.


Double Taxation Agreement

Get to know more about the double taxation agreements here.

Dual Career & Family Service

You can find more information on the Dual Career & Family Service's website.


E-Learning and E-Research

The CeDis (center for digital systems) offers e-learning and e-research courses.


You can find information on elections at Freie Universität Berlin on the Central Election Board website.

Emergency Childcare

Find out more about the emergency childcare here: KidsMobil.


Find more information on options for staff going abroad here. 

Executive Board

Find more information on the Executive Board of Freie Universität Berlin here.

External Funding

You can find more important information on this matter here.


Departmental Council

Section 13 of the Supplemental Rules and Regulations [Teilgrundordnung] of Freie Universität Berlin stipulates the regulations on the elections and responsibilities of the department council (Fachbereichsrat).


For all family matters please see the Dual Career & Family Service.


Division II – Finances, Procurement, and Position Management has compiled a comprehensive glossary on all budget specific and finance related topics, from arithmetical accuracy to visiting professors.

Finding an Apartment

Please find more information on finding an apartment in Berlin here.

Flextime sheet

Here you can find templates and further information on the flexitime sheets.

Please see working hours for more information on the flexitime policy.

Foreign Languages

Employees at Freie Universität can learn different languages and take lessons and exams at the Center for Continuing Education (Weiterbildungszentrum). Find more information here.


General Closure

Please see here for more information on the changes to the university's annual general closure.


Health Insurance

Find everything you need to know about statutory health insurance in Germany here.

Health Management

You can find more information on the health management at Freie Universität and it's offers here.


Interoffice Mail

Find more information on interoffice mail here.


For training in IT and university specific software, see CeDiS's training offers (training available in English by request), or visit the Center for Continuing Education website.


Job Openings

You can find all job offers at Freie Universität Berlin here.

Jobticket - the VBB Transit Pass

Find more information on the "Jobticket" here.


Language Center

Here you can find the website of Freie Universität Berlin's Language Center.

Learning German

Do you want to learn German? Find more information here.


More information on the library system can be found here.

Find out how to get a library card here.



Maternity Leave

The Dual Career & Family Service offers information and consultations.

Mensa (student cafeteria)

Here you can find more information on the opening hours, locations and offers at the Mensas and cafeterias on campus.


Non-discriminatory language

Find more information and rules on the use of non-discriminatory language at FUB here


Occupational Accident Insurance

Find more information on occupational accident insurance here.

Occupational Health and Safety

Information on occupational health and safety can be found here:
Occupational Health and Safety

You will find information on first aid, reporting accidents, and accident insurance below:
First Aid and Accidents

Occupational Health Management

Here you can find more information on occupational health management at Freie Universität here.

Occupational Medicine Center

Please refer to the Occupational Medicine Center for more information and contact details.

Occupational Safety

You can find a description of the responsibilities and contact information of the Occupational Safety Service here.

Occupational, Health and Environmental Management System (AGUM)

The AGUM occupational health and safety and environmental protection management system forms the basis for EMAS validation.

For more information on EMAS validation, click here or contact the Sustainability & Energy Unit team.

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Council can support members of Freie Universität with regards to legal matters. The advice does not include labour, general civil service and private law matters.

One-off annual payment

Find more information on the one-off annual payment here.

Organizational Chart of Freie Universität Berlin

The organizational Chart of Freie Universität Berlin is currently being revised and can be found here as soon as it's published.



Paid Leave

Employees, pursuant to Section 28 of the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector governing the the German federal states as it applies to Freie Universität Berlin (TVL FU), and German civil servants (“Beamte/Beamtinnen”), pursuant to the Special Leave Act (SurlVO) of March 7, 2007, may receive paid leave on request for specific exceptional circumstances without their salary or remuneration being cut for the respective period. This applies to the following occasions, among others:

  • 25- and 40-year work anniversaries → one working day (a separate regulation applies to civil servants; please refer to Circular V of February 2007).
  • Spouse/partner goes into labor → one working day
  • Death of a spouse/partner, child, or parent → two working days
  • A member of your household becomes seriously ill → one working day per calendar year
  • Medical treatment, if this needs to take place during working hours → the medically required period of absence, including travel times

Parental Allowance and Leave

Find more information on the Dual Career & Family Service's website.

Passport Service

Please see Residence Permit.

Peer Counseling (Help with Addiction)

Find more information on the peer counseling (for help with addiction issues) here.

Peer Counseling Service

Find more information on the peer counseling service here.

Personal Liability Insurance

Find more information on the topic of personal liability insurance here.

Personnel Development

Personnel development - find the division's homepage here.

Phased Return to Work

You can find detailes information on the phased return to work at Freie Universität Berlin in the staff circular  "Personalblatt" 01/2017 (in German), and on the department website.

Privacy Policy

Find more information on Freie Universität's privacy policy, IT security and data protection officers.

Private Health Insurance

Find more information on private health insurance here.


Find out more about the purchasing process at Freie Universität Berlin.


Reception for New Appointees

It has been a tradition for many years that the President of Freie Universität Berlin welcomes new professors in January.

Recruitment Process

Recycling and Waste


At the end of your employment and upon request, the personnel department can issue a reference in cooperation with your supervisor. Subject to approval, you can apply for an interim letter (Zwischenzeugnis) during your employment. Please note that reference requests are subject to time limits and might not be granted during certain periods.

Reimbursement of Expenses

You can find information on the reimbursement of expenses in the glossary of budget system terms.

Remote Working

Find more information on the regulations for remote working here. Please see here for the temporary remote work policy ("home office") for the 2024 summer semester onwards (April 1, 2024 - September 30, 2025).

  • Find the application form to work regularly from home (telecommuting) here.

Remuneration Statement

Find all information (explanations and self-service portal Elsa) here. (in German)

Representatives for Individuals with Severe Disabilities

Currently, the representatives for individuals with severe disabilities are distributed over two areas:


Research Sabbatical for One Semester

Here you can find more information and the application formfor a research sabbatical.

Residence Permit

The Passport Service at Freie Universität can help you with applying for a residence permit.

Retirement Provision for Civil Servants

Here you can find more information and application forms about the additional private pension for civil servants (in German). 

Retirement Provision for Employees

Find more information on the supplementary pension scheme, VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder) here.  


Secondary Employment

Sick Leave

Please find more information here.

Social Counseling Service

Social Counseling Service at Freie Universität Berlin.

Social Security Scheme

Here you can find more information on the social security scheme in Germany.

Staff Circulars (Personalblätter)

You can access the staff circulars here.

Statutory Pension

Find more information here.


Student Records and Registration Office

Here you can find information on the Student Records and Registration Office (e.g., enrollment, CampusCard, termination of studies)


•    Climate Emergency - Freie Universität Berlin has declared a climate emergency on December 17, 2019. Find more information here.
•    In May 2011, the Executive Board of Freie Universität adopted an Environmental Mission Statement as part of its environmental management system.
•    With the adoption of its Sustainability Mission Statement in March 2016, Freie Universität Berlin committed itself to the principles of sustainable development in research, teaching, and campus management. Find more information here.
•   Second Climate Protection Agreement - Freie Universität Berlin and the State of Berlin entered into a new climate protection agreement on April 9, 2018.
•   Freie Universität Berlin’s environmental management system is based on the internationally valid ISO standard 14001 supplemented by the requirements of EMAS. At the FU Berlin, this is called "AGUM" for Occupational Health and Environmental Protection Management System.
•   Sustainability Tours on Campus

Find more information on the website of the Sustainabilty and Energy Unit.


Taking Leave for Further Education and Training (Bildungszeit)

Learn more about the opportunity to take leave for further education and training (Bildungszeit).


Learn more about taxes in Germany here.

Teaching and Education

  • Read the Mission Statement for Teaching and Education here
  • Read the Teaching and Education Strategy Process Report here


Here you can find more information as well as the agreement on telecommuting and remote working.

Telephone System

Find more information on the telephone system, for example: "how to set up your telephone" here.


Una Europa

Eleven leading European research universities have come together to create a unique alliance – Una Europa. Their common goal is to expand and strengthen existing partnerships in teaching, research, and education. Find out more here.

Unemployment Insurance

Find more information here or on the website of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit)


University Sports Center

Visit the University Sports Center website to find all information and offers.



You can find further information on your yearly paid vacation leave here.


Learn more about the supplementary pension scheme, VBL, here.


Welcome Event for New Employees

Find more information on the welcome event for new employees here.


Wikis offer a wide range of opportunities to plan and implement projects in teaching, studying, research and administration. The central wiki sites are open to all members of Freie Universität and its project partners.

Working Hours

You can find more information on regulations regarding you working hours here.  



The Computing Services team – ZEDAT – can advise you on setting up your work computer and fixing problems you might encounter later on. They are also responsible for providing any software you need for your work.