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Subway Station Freie Universität

Subway Station Freie Universität
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Berlin’s well-developed public transport system enables all employees and students to reach Freie Universität Berlin. When enrolling at Freie Universität Berlin, students automatically receive a semester ticket for the Berlin area. Since 2004, university employees have been able to purchase a company ticket, which is cheaper than the regular monthly fee. About 500 employees took advantage of this in 2017.

Freie Universität Berlin thereby encourages sustainable mobility behavior. There is still room for additional sustainable mobility options beyond those offered by the public transport system, such as optimizing the university’s vehicle fleet, minimizing business trips, promoting bicycle use, and establishing a bicycle rental system on the main campus in Dahlem.

Logo FUrad

Logo FUrad

Since 2018, the campus has had its own bicycle self-repair shop called FUrad. Students initiated and operate this repair shop, which provides tools and spare parts in addition to practical know-how. FUrad aims to promote sustainability and bicycle mobility. The repair shop is located on Fabeckstraße 30. Opening hours are available on the FUrad webpage.

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