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User Card

Fig. 1: Campuscard for Freie Universität Students

Fig. 1: Campuscard for Freie Universität Students

Fig. 2: New User Card for Freie Universität Staff

Fig. 2: New User Card for Freie Universität Staff

Fig. 3: User Card for external Users and Freie Universität Staff issued at the circulation desks

Fig. 3: User Card for external Users and Freie Universität Staff issued at the circulation desks

In order to request and take items out on loan, users need a valid user card. Only users with valid user cards can log in to the Internet teminals in the libraries (see also: Login, User Account).

Freie Universität Berlin Students

  • For FU students the valid student card (=Campuscard) is concurrently the user card for the FU libraries.
  • For signing in FU students use their FU account/ZEDAT account.+

Freie Universität Berlin Staff

The process of creating user cards for FU employees is currently being changed. Staff without an user card can create a new one via the ZEDAT Portal (library staff and student assistants are not included in this group!).
Please log in with your FU account via https://www.zedat.fu-berlin.de/IntroBeschaeftigte#Bibliotheken. There you will find the link Bibliotheken to create a user card. After 30 minutes the new card is synchronized with the FU Library System. After this period a login in Primo is successful and items can be requested online. If you are visiting a FU Library for the the first time and want to take items out on loan please take your identification (Personalausweis; or passport in combination with official proof of residence (Meldebescheinigung)) and the printed user card with you. The user card can be laminated.
If you have any problems please contact the staff oft the Circulation Desk via E-Mail.

Other Users

  • Users residing in Berlin or in Brandenburg (incl. AuditorsNebenhörer*innen und Gasthörer*innen – at Freie Universität) can obtain a user card free of charge upon presentation of their identity card or passport with registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung) when they appear at the circulation desk in person.
  • At the same time, users receive a password (as a rule, the date of birth in ddmmyy format, for cards obtained in 2017 ddmmyy+1. letter of the family name+!). Holders of user cards may take items out on loan.
  • External users obtain a guest user card plus password at no charge on presentation of identification. Holders of guest user cards can request items to use in the Reading Room.
  • Adolescents (age 16 through 17) can obtain a special form for requesting a user card from the circulation desk; this form has to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


  • Institutes, public authorities and firms please submit a request in writing. All necessary papers will be provided.

Loss of FU Student ID/User Card

The loss of a FU student ID/user card must be reported to the circulation department immediately so that the account can be blocked to protect it from abuse. The replacement fee for a lost or damaged library card is € 5.

Password Not Working?

If you have forgotten your password, FU students have to contact the ZEDAT Benutzerservice. Other users can obtain a new password from the Circulation Desk – on presentation of valid identification.

How to Change Passwords

FU students change passwords or redirect e-mail addresses at the ZEDAT-Portal. Other users change passwords in the Primo account (My Account → Personal settings).

The general terms of use for the University Library are laid down in the Library Regulations.