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Beyond Heliodorus

18.02.2019 - 19.02.2019

The Travels and Travails of the Greek Novel in Early Modern Europe

The early modern history of the Greek novel has frequently and predominantly been framed as the reception of Heliodorus. In the last few decades, valuable efforts have been made at mapping the transformations and adaptions of the Heliodorian scheme. Still, there are questions that have received comparatively little attention, as well as authors who have been scarcely taken into consideration – notably Achilles Tatius, well known to early modern readers.


What are the discourses, the networks, the poetological and literary contexts that inform early modern patterns of engagement with and re-imaginations of the genre? What practices and disciplines – whether Christian ministry or Sophist rhetoric – were associated with the authors? In the transcultural and transnational networks of writers, readers, buyers, translators, printers and impresarios, how are differences brought about and reflected on? How do the various European projects relate to each other, along what lines of reception and around what centres of power? What is, furthermore, the role other ancient or Byzantine texts play in early modern literary debate and production?


Our aim is to consider the fate of the lesser known novels and subject matters, charting uses and adaptions of the Greek novel beyond the mainstream – to broaden the perspective on a genre often singled out in reconstructing the development of prose fiction in early modernity.


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18.02.2019 - 19.02.2019

Freie Universität Berlin, Seminarzentrum, Raum L116, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin

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Paolo Brusa, E-Mail-Adresse: paolo.brusa@fu-berlin.de