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[Please note: If you have a problem with MATLAB on your own computer or any other non-HPC system, please seek help from hilfe@zedat.fu-berlin.de. In case of difficulties on the HPC system, please write to hpc@zedat.fu-berlin.de.]

MATLAB is a numerical computing environment.

To use MATLAB, load the appropriate module:

module load matlab

To see the licenses available, call


For historical reasons the Parallel Computing Toolbox is called Distributed Computing Toolbox, abbreviated as Distrib_Computing_Toolbox in the output from the license server.

Only a limited number of licenses are available. However, in many cases it is not necessary to request a licenses. Instead, a compiled version can be created via the MATLAB Compiler. Please check this possibility before requesting a license within a batch job.

The name of the license that has to be given in a batch file comprises

  1. the prefix matlab_ followed by
  2. the name displayed by matlab_licenses after "Users of",

e.g. matlab_Distrib_Computing_Toolbox.

The number of MATLAB licenses required and the corresponding reservation must then be specified in the following way:

#SBATCH --licenses=matlab_MATLAB 
#SBATCH --reservation=licenses_matlab

or, if multiple licenses are needed, say two:

#SBATCH --licenses=matlab_MATLAB*2
#SBATCH --reservation=licenses_matlab


#SBATCH --licenses=matlab_MATLAB,matlab_Statistics_Toolbox 
#SBATCH --reservation=licenses_matlab

The MATLAB program itself is run in the script in the following way:

matlab -nodisplay -nosplash < my_program.m

How an interactive MATLAB job is started is explained here.