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Bewerben in englischer Sprache

01.02.2017 | 16:00 - 20:00

Applying for a job in English is more than simply translating your resume. Discover what employers are looking for – what belongs in an English resume, and what to include in (and what to leave out of) your cover letter and application.

How should you follow up after applying? Learn the cultural differences between the German application process and the application process in English-speaking countries. Build the perfect application and get your dream job.  This workshop will be in English.

  • The Job Search: What should you look for in a job description? Interpreting buzzwords, locating key words and phrases.
  • Skills Profile: What do I have to offer? A perfect framework for an excellent application.
  • The Resume: What belongs on a resume? Tips and tricks, key words and vocabulary for the perfect resume.
  • Cover Letter: How do you write an English cover letter? What do employers want to see?
  • Documents and Structure: What should I include in the application? How should an application be submitted?

Zeit & Ort

01.02.2017 | 16:00 - 20:00

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