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Best Western Hotel Steglitz International

Best Western Hotel Steglitz

Best Western Hotel Steglitz

Albrechtstraße 2, 12165 Berlin-Steglitz
: 88,00 Euro (Einzelzimmer, inkl. Frühstück)
Entfernung: 2,1 km, 15 min per Bus (inklusive Fußweg)


The Best Western Premier Hotel Steglitz International is one of the most desirably located hotels in Berlin. It’s in the centre of district Steglitz, in opposite of the disctrict’s city hall and close to well known Schlossstraße, where you can find department stores and chic boutiques. The location of the hotel is a good starting point for touring Berlin. You can travel by car or by means of public transportation. The subway station (U-Bahn) and a city railroad station (S-Bahn) are directly in front of the hotel.


We reserved a number of rooms at the Hotel IBIS City West for you until 15th September 2011. The price for each single room is 88,00 Euro including breakfast and VAT. If you want to make a binding reservation with the hotel, please mention the booking-code “FUBerlin2011”.

You could also book your room on the website www.si-hotel,com. Therefore please use the link “to the room-allotments” and fill in the room allotment code. Afterwards you will get a booking confirmation and your booking number.


Albrechtstraße 2
12165 Berlin
Fon: 0049 (0)30/ 79 00 5521
Email: info@steglitz.bestwestern.de

Internet: http://www.steglitz.bestwestern.de