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Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) – Get Your Math PhD in Berlin

Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) – Get Your Math PhD in Berlin

The Berlin Mathematical School is a joint endeavor of the mathematics’ departments at the universities in Berlin: Freie Universität (FU), Humboldt-Universität (HU) and Technische Universität (TU).

We offer an excellent doctoral program taught in English in a broad and active research environment together with mentoring programs, language courses, soft-skills seminars, funding for summer schools and conferences, a buddy program and funding for students with children.

Our seven Research Areas are:

1. Differential geometry, global analysis, and mathematical physics

2. Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory

3. Probability, statistics, and financial mathematics

4. Discrete mathematics and combinatorial optimization

5. Geometry, topology, and visualization

6. Numerical mathematics and scientific computing

7. Applied analysis and differential equations


Admission to Phase I: possible with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Admission to Phase II: possible with a Master’s degree or equivalent


All you need to know about applying to the BMS is available online:


You can apply at: http://www.math-berlin.de/application


Deadline for scholarships: 1 December 2014

Deadline for admission only: 1 May 2015



e-mail: applications@math-berlin.de

phone: +49 30 314-786 51