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Call for applications: 7 Junior professorships & 5 Professorships (W2)

In 2007, with its future development concept International Network University, Freie Universität Berlin succeeded in winning a major government funding award in the German Excellence Initiative. This award acknowledges special academic achievements, giving the title University of Excellence. Freie Universität Berlin was able to maintain its excellence status in 2012, one among only a few other select universities to do so. The second phase of this program focuses on the expansion of international and regional networks and the advancement of junior researchers supported by the Career Path Model.

To meet these goals, Freie Universität Berlin is setting up several Dahlem International Network Junior Research Groups (DIN JRG) that will be managed by junior professors and several Dahlem International Network Professorships (DINP).

(The junior professors will be appointed as civil servants for an initial period of three years. Provided that their performance is thereafter evaluated positively, employment may be extended for three more years.)

Freie Universität Berlin invites applications for the following Junior Professorships (salary grade W 1*) and the following Professorships (salary grade W 2*; 5 years).

Junior Professorships:

1) Junior Professorship in Business Administration focusing on Information Systems Research, Information and Organization (School of Business & Economics / Business Administration – Dpt. of Information Systems)

2) Junior Professorship in Clinical Psychology focusing on Neurobiological Mechanisms of Psychotherapy (Department of Education and Psychology / Psychology)

3) Junior Professorship in North American Literature (John F. Kennedy Institute and Department of Philosophy and Humanities)

4) Junior Professorship in Applied Mathematics focusing on Uncertainty and Risk Quantification (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science / Institute for Mathematics)

5) Junior Professorship in Algebraic Geometry/Complex Analysis (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science / Institute for Mathematics)

6) Junior Professorship in Robotics focusing on Autonomous Cars (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science / Institute for Computer Science)

7) Junior Professorship in Biophotonics and Nanophotonics (Department of Physics/ Institute for Experimental Physics)

Dahlem International Network Professorships (W2):

1) Professorship in Comparative Developmental Psychology (Department of Education and Psychology /Psychology)

2) Professorship in Medieval German Literature with a special focus on Old Yiddish Literature (Department of Philosophy and Humanities / Institute of German and Dutch Languages and Literatures)

3) Professorship in High-performance Computing in Molecular Dynamics (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science / Institute for Mathematics)

4) Professorship in Interdisciplinary Security Research (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science / Institute for Computer Science)

5) Professorship in Theoretical Molecular Biophysics (Department of Physics / Institute for Theoretical Physics)

* About salaries in academia: here.