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Sena Naimi

As an erasmus mundus student, Sena Naimi studied at the Institute for English Language and Literature of Freie Universität Berlin.

Alumna Sena Naimi is currently working as an English teacher.

Alumna Sena Naimi is currently working as an English teacher.
Bildquelle: Tahir Khan

What special memories do you have from your time at Freie Universität?

Studying at Freie Universität was an unforgettable mindfulness experience and one of the utmost achievements I have made in my whole life. The university is not only known for offering a good quality education but also for the diversity of programmes and the manifold learning facilities provided for the students. Each corner of the university reminds me of a wonderful moment that I experienced only once in my lifetime.

What is the most important thing you learned here?

I have learned a lot of valuable things as a former student at Freie Universität. Academically, I progressed tremendously and improved my English speaking skills. The classes I have taken were of great importance and relevance to my academic career.

What advice would you give your younger self today?

Each time I feel down or face an obstacle, I remind myself that I studied at one of the best universities in Germany. And though it seemed pretty odd and different for me in the beginning I challenged myself to keep up on the right track and reach success by all means.

If I could give my university a present …

...I cannot thank this fabulous university enough for everything it gave to me, therefore I think my present for it´s birthday would be my eternal and immense gratitude to the university.