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Mykhaylo Bonovskyy

Alumnus Mykhaylo Bonovskyy studied Global Communication and International Journalism at Freie Universität and Saint Petersburg State University.

Mykhaylo Bonovskyy works at a political consultancy.

Mykhaylo Bonovskyy works at a political consultancy.
Bildquelle: Andreas Rossbach

What special memories do you have from your time at Freie Universität?

The most memorable was the time when my group-mates and I were writing our master theses. We came together in the library and played all sorts of games to make us do more work, like challenges who is going to write more words in one hour. The slower ones would buy club mate for the rest of the team. During the breaks we would go buy coffee and gossip.

What is the most important thing you learned here?

The importance of friendships and the collaboration of difficult projects.

What advice would you give your younger self today?

There was a lot of free time when I was attending the university, I wish I used it more wisely.

If I could give my university a present…

...will it be many more talented students!