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General Information

There are many good reasons to do an internship in another country. You can improve your foreign language skills, gain insight into how a foreign organization or company works, and advance your professional skills. An internship abroad opens up new professional prospects and boosts your chances of landing an interesting job after you finish your studies.

Our German website presents a wealth of useful information on preparations and planning, tips on applying for internships in countries including the UK and United States, and an overview of various aid and funding options, such as ERASMUS, PROMOS, and short-term DAAD grants.

You can use our lists of links regarding specific countries and regions as a starting point for your search for an internship. We have compiled general information on specific countries, regional job and internship listings, and institutions and cultural institutes here.

Information on internships abroad is in large part only available in German. The links below will take you to the relevant section of our German website.

Finding the right internship in another country requires initiative and organizational skills. Although the process can be very fast in some cases, with the very first application bringing success, minor organizational matters generally take more time than applicants might think. And applying for student mobility grants usually involves taking longer processing times into account. With this in mind, we advise you to start gathering information and getting your bearings about a year before your planned stay abroad.

On our German website, we have compiled an FAQ section that answers initial questions concerning internships abroad (in German).

On our German website, we have compiled a number of country-specific links to help you with your search for an internship abroad. These include chambers of commerce, diplomatic representations, and important cultural institutions alongside industry directories, professional associations, regional job and internship listings, and daily newspapers.

If you have additional tips for us, just write us an email! We would also be grateful if you would let us know if you find that any of these links are out of date.

Every country has its own conventions regarding the application process. For this reason, we offer regular workshops and seminars on “Applying in English, French and Spanish” for students of Freie Universität Berlin. Participation is possible either through our open event program or within the ABV internship module. Visit our library for further literature and guidebooks on the topic.

On our German website, we have compiled the most important hints and tips for applying.

There are many aid programs that provide financial support for students planning to complete an internship abroad. Some structured programs offer not only scholarships and grants, but also internship placement assistance. You will find an overview of the main programs on our German website (links below).

In addition to this information, you should always be sure to consult the current program information posted on the specific providers’ websites in order to learn details such as the requirements and conditions of aid and application deadlines.

Remember to take care of necessary formalities in time! Does your insurance cover your stay abroad? Do you need your internship contract to be signed? Who consults you regarding visa matters? Is a leave of absence required?

Have a look at the FAQ section on our German website.

The report section on our German website assembles experiences that students of Freie Universität Berlin gained during their internships abroad. The reports show the wide range of international internship opportunities and the diversity of student experiences.

See German website for an overview of contact persons at Freie Universität Berlin that can assist you regarding your internship abroad.