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General Information

Bachelor’s degree programs at Freie Universität Berlin combine education in a specific discipline within the study program in that subject with modules within the general professional skills courses ( Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung , ABV) field, which are geared toward professional practice.

ABV Internship Modules

In addition to your education in a specific discipline, we believe it is important for you to gain practical professional experience by completing an internship even before you have completed your bachelor’s degree program.

Communication Skills

The Career Service is your point of contact for any questions regarding the three ABV modules “Gesprächsführung und Verhandlung” (Conducting Discussions and Negotiations), “Präsentieren, Diskutieren, Moderieren” (Present, Discuss, Moderate), and “Optimierung der persönlichen Arbeitsprozesse” (Optimizing Personal Working Processes).

Training for Mentoring and Tutoring

Mentoring training is offered for students in higher semesters in their subject ( Fachsemester ) who wish to assist beginning students at their institutes throughout the first year of their studies. It is eligible for five ABV credits.

Volunteer Activities

Provided that certain conditions are met, volunteer activities in the field of refugee aid are eligible for academic credit. We have assembled further information from the faculties, helpful links, and important dates for you.

Important Dates