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Diversity & Inklusion

As a core concerns of the European Union, diversity and inclusion are among the central guiding themes in the Erasmus+ program 2021 - 2027. All target groups should be given equal access to the program. Various instruments have been developed to achieve this goal:

The fewer opportunities grant within the framework of student mobility consists of 250€ per funding month, which is paid in addition to the mobility grant. The target group includes:

  • Program participants with a disability of 20 or more or with a chronic illness,
  • Program participants traveling abroad with their child(ren).

From project 2022 onwards also:

  • Students from a non-academic background,
  • working students.

For more information on the fewer opportunities grant, see the individual student mobility funding lines:

Fewer opportunities Erasmus+ Internship Special Funding

Fewer opportunities Erasmus+ Study Abroad funding (see "Top-up fewer Opportunities")

In the framework of staff mobility, it is possible to apply for a special grant:

Special funding Erasmus+ staff and teaching mobility

In order to enable more students to participate in the Erasmus+ programme who are unable to complete a long-term stay abroad, more flexible mobility options are now available:

  • the minimum duration of study visits is now two months (previously three months)