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What to Do in a Medical Emergency

  • Provide first aid / get a trained rescuer to help

  • Call an ambulance: Tel.: 112 

  • Each alarm report must contain this information:
    Where? Exact location: office building, floor, room
    What? e.g., fire, accident, explosion, poison, gas., etc.
    How many persons are injured ?
    Who is calling in the report?
    Wait for questions!

What to Do in a Technical Emergency / Accident

  • Call the Central Control Room (Zentralwarte der Betriebstechnik): Tel.: +49 30 838-55555.
  • The central control room is open all year 24 hours a day.
  • Call the Occupational Safety Service: Tel.: +49 30 838-54495

Poison Emergencies

  • Phone number for doctor about poisoning emergency, day and night: +49 30  1 92 40
  • Website: Giftnotruf Berlin