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Global Model United Nations - Report

Global Model United Nations was the first actual Model United Nations to be organised by the United Nations themselves in Europe. The UN's aspirations for the conference were therefore different than those of most other MUNs. The conference was supposed to resemble the real working procedures of the UN as closely as possible.

This started by having a different set of procedural rules and did not end with having actual translators in our committees for the working languages of GMUN were English and French. Moreover, a delegation representing one country consisted of students that did not know each other before the conference.

As its title suggests GMUN (Global MUN) was truly global in that students from Europe, Africa, North America as well as Latin America, Asia and Australia took part and this was reflected in the mix up of the delegations. Thus, the process of working together was a very interesting adventure resulting in not only having access to different views on politics but also building friendships.

As the UN was very keen on preparing us well for the different committee topics and the overall conference theme, the Millennium Development Goals, we had the chance to speak to various UN officials, varying from UNHCR, UNIFEM to FAO employees that introduced us to their work.

Moreover, through a Millennium Development Goals Think Tank Session we were involved in making suggestions how to go about the MDGs in the future. These were sent to the Under-Secretary-General Agasako, who also gave us an opening speech at the conference next to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who reminded us through a video message that we should think of ourselves as the representatives of the youth, since 50 per cent of the world population were under 25 years old (which was the age limitation for the conference) and that we should take this up as a responsibility and a challenge to find new solutions to pressing problems surrounding the achievement of the MDGs.

Report General Assembly First Committee (by Ada Jonusyte, Marlene Micha and Franziska Weil)

Report General Assembly Fourth Committee (by Christina Tahamtan)