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Making War Mapping Europe


“Making War, Mapping Europe” is an international collaborative research project, analysing militarized cultural encounters. Whether they be texts, photographs, or drawings, various mementos or happenstance objects of everyday use, many kinds of testimonials have been preserved over the years documenting western soldiers’ contact with Europe’s periphery and the Middle East. The exhibition presented here has the task of making these themes of militarized cultural encounters more visually vivid. It is equally designed for researchers as for interested laymen. With the historians’ assembly of these objects and their contextualization, we hope to be able to provide a small contribution to an understanding of the cultural encounter within military frameworks. This presentation understands itself as an opportunity to show objects that also, until now, were either difficult to obtain or completely inaccessible to the larger public.

Projektbeteiligte: Freie Universität Berlin, Trinity College Dublin, University of York, University of Swansea, verschiedene Projektpartner

Jahr: 2016

Fach: Geschichte

Sprache: Englisch

Zugang: öffentlich

Materialtyp: Ressourcensammlung

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