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The Path to an Erasmus Exchange Semester

1. The Exchange Opportunities

Where are exchange opponities announced?

The FU does not have a central call for applications for Erasmus study programs abroad. It is required that you apply directly to the institute or department for an exchange spot.

The available Erasmus+ exchange places and application deadlines are generally announced at the institutes or departments, either through postings or on the websites. Please check the Erasmus pages of the departments for more information. It is required that you apply directly to the institute or department for an exchange spot.

 When are exchange opportunities announced?

 Exchange opportunities are generally announced between the end of October until mid-November. Application deadlines are usually between December and March of the following academic year. A direct overview of the application deadlines and documents for studying abroad can be found here.


2. The application:

A list of all required documents for a successful application can be found on the respective exchange announcements of the departments. An online application, CV, letter of motivation, proof of academic achievement to date, enrollment certificate, and proof of language skills must be submitted for every application. In some cases, an academic letter of reference from a professor or lecturer is also required.

Should you have specific questions about the application, selection process, your choice of university or questions about the recognition of study achievements abroad, please consult with the Erasmus coordinators of the respective departments. You can apply for an exchange opportunity in your core subject or your module offer.


3. Selection:

Erasmus students are selected by the Erasmus coordinators of the respective departments. In most cases, it is customary to interview the candidates about their motivation and study intentions at the partner university as part of selection process. The interview may be held, at least in part, in the language of the host country.

The selection criteria include the following:

-          Quality of the motivation letter

-          Motivational authenticity for the study abroad

-          Individual coursework

-          Engagement at the department/ social commitment

-          Language skills

Please note that students with disabilities or with accompanying minors may receive special consideration in line with the objectives of the DAAD.


4. I received a spot- what’s next?

The Erasmus coordinators will send out provisional confirmations to all selected candidates, and the host university will receive a nomination. The nomination informs the partner university about which students have been selected and includes information about the length, level, duration and subject of stay.

Please read through our website for more information about the Erasmus+ mobility grant immediately after you receive a confirmation.


Please note:

In general, the host university will contact you by mail after receiving your nomination, and will ask you to register online or complete forms for accommodation/language courses. We kindly ask you to respond quickly to these requests.