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Direct Exchange

We are offering public Webex consulting hours! Please find them here.

Please wait in the lobby until you are admitted. We try to keep the meetings as short as possible to minimise your wait. For individual appointments please contact us via E-Mail (auslstud@fu-berlin.de). Sabine Simon will assign individual appointments.

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Study and research worldwide

The Free University Berlin maintains about 90 direct exchange programs with partner universities in the whole world. Direct exchange means that spots in renowned partner universities are open to students from Free University Berlin, based on mutuality and reciprocal agreements. Therefore, students from Free University Berlin are offered the possibility of studying abroad and making international experiences for a semester or two. The acquisition of credit points is mandatory in the context of direct exchange.

Applications for the Erasmus+ worldwide program have usually to undergo the same application process as direct exchange applications. Please submit your applications to auslstud@fu-berlin.de in due time. You find the exchange spots here.

Let’s go abroad


  1. Prerequisites

  2. Partner Universities

  3. Application

  3.1. Application Deadlines

  3.2. Application Documents

Financial matters

  4. Direct Exchange

  5. Additional Scholarships


  6. Students’ Duties

  7. Recognition of Credit Points From Abroad

  8. Experience Reports

  9. FAQ

Who decides about my application?

The Free University Berlin maintains partnerships with the best universities in different countries. In the end, partners decide about whether a student is accepted in their institution, along with whether or not they get a scholarship; hence why the Free University Berlin has to carefully decide if the nominated candidates fulfil the partner universities’ academic and linguistic criteria. Please understand that this is why we can only accepts applicants with good academic standing and sufficient knowledge of the language taught in at the partner institution.

Please note that the assessment about whether an exchange student is considered an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate student lies exclusively in the hands of our partner institutions. It is therefore possible that graduate students will only be allowed to pick courses from the undergraduate-levels. Please check the websites of the partner universities in question before applying.


If you are interested in one of our direct exchange programs, feel free to contact our office by email or telephone anytime. You may also drop by our office in person for a direct consultation during office hours, which you can find on the right-hand side of this page. Just come by the SSC and you will receive a queue ticket for the same day.