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Applicants should comply with the following prerequisites:

Student status
  • Applicants must have permanent and full-time enrollment status at Free University Berlin

Exceptions can be granted to graduate students who have not yet received their final undergraduate transcript. Should that be your case, please provide a 2/3-certificate. The applicant has to submit the BA certificate and transcript as soon as it is received.

  • Only students with on-campus studies can apply for the direct exchange.

  • Auditor and visiting students may not apply to the direct exchange.

  • Students are not allowed to complete their studies before going on a direct exchange.

  • Students should ideally be in the 3rd semester of their undergraduate studies or in the 1st semester of their graduate studies at the time of applying.

Restrictions concerning certain subject areas

The direct exchange program is open to students of all majors with the exception of the following subjects:

  • Veterinary medicine, medicine and pharmacy: Please inquire at Charité (medicine) or at your department about exchange possibilities.

  • Students of law could apply for the direct exchange and Erasmus+ worldwide program under certain conditions, see: https://www.jura.fu-berlin.de/international/studierendenaustausch/outgoings/zentrale_progr/index.html

  • Psychology, business, journalism: Students may encounter restrictions concerning the choice of courses at certain partner universities. For further information, please see the different program’s websites or come see us during our office hours.

Academic qualifications
  • Applicants should  have good or very good academic standing (general rule: GPA ≤ 2,4). The required GPA can vary depending on the specific partner institution. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inquire about specific academic prerequisites of your preferred partner institution.

  • Sufficient languague skills of the country of your destination respectively of the instruction language at the time of application are necessary (general rule: B2-level). Many programs require a minimum score in a standardized language tests (e.g. TOEFL).

Important notice for regular, degree-seeking students from abroad who do not have German citizenship and hold a visa/residency permit for a limited, fixed period of time to study at Freie Universität

If you are planning to undertake a stay outside of Germany related to your studies and wish to leave the country for over six months, you are obliged to immediately get in contact with the Berlin Immigration Office (Landesamt für Einwanderung – LEA) before commencing your stay abroad.

You will need to request written confirmation from us regarding your planned stay abroad and submit this statement to the LEA with your approval request. 

Please attend to this matter without delay, as otherwise you may lose your visa and/or residency status when you return to Germany after your stay abroad.