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Application Documents

Please send your application documents as early as possible to get potential questions or issues out of the way in time. Feel free to come by during our office hours for a personal consultation.

You will find specific program requirements on our different program websites. Generally, these are the documents you will need for an application:

Online application form

You will find the link to the application form here and it will be online about 4 weeks before the application deadline.

*should you have any problems with the form as it is only available in German at the moment, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are happy to help.

Certificate of enrollment

With details of your study program and about which semester you are currently in. You can download your current certificate of enrollment from the student’s administration website.

A print-out from Campus Management

“Leistungsübersicht über begonnene und abgeschlossene Module” – available in your Campus Management under the tab “Noten & Punkte”.

A copy of your undergraduate certificate (only for graduate and PhD students)

Including a transcript of records with all completed courses. The copy does not need to be certified.

Acceptance of your doctorate program (only for PhD students)

A copy of your admission into a doctorate program.

Curriculum vitae

A detailed CV in the language of the host country or language of instruction at the partner university (exceptions possible, please consult individual program websites for more detailed information). Please attach a clear picture on the top right corner.

Study proposal

A detailed study proposal in the language of the host country or language of instruction at the partner university (exceptions possible, please consult individual program websites for more detailed information), no longer than 2 pages.

The following questions could serve as guidelines:

What made you choose your program of study? Why do you want to study in the country you’re applying for? What classes would you like to take while abroad? Which area of study in your field would you like to focus on during your time abroad and why? What advantages can you take from this direct exchange for your studies here at Free University? Which criteria did you have when picking the different partner universities? Why would you especially benefit from a stay in one of your top 3 choices?

Proof of language proficiency

It is necessary for applicants to have very good knowledge of the language they will be studying in, in order to be able to follow the classes while abroad. An official language certificate is mandatory as proof of language proficiency. You can find further information on our program sites.

Letter of recommendation

One or two letters of recommendation by lecturers of Free University Berlin. You can find further information on our program sites. New graduate students at Freie Universitaet Berlin do not have to submit a letter of recommendation by lecturers of Free University Berlin due to Corona pandemy. All lecturers should use our form.

Please send this form to your lecturer (fillable PDF). The letter of recommendation should be sent as a PDF-document to the Büro für Internationale Studierendenmobilität directly by your lecturer. After the application process, the letter of recommendation will be archived; we do not hand out the letters of recommendation to students or transmit them to others.

Declaration of consent about multiple applications (graduate students International Relations)

You can find the form here.

Please name each document as follows: YourLastName_DocumentTitle (e.g. Schmid_StudyProposal). All documents should then be sent as separate PDF-documents within one zip folder, which should also have your last name.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a week of handing in your application. Should you not have heard back from us after a full week has passed, please contact us as soon as possible. However, please refrain from sending several emails after having handed in your application, as this slows down our working process.

Please make yourself familiar with the deadlines and send your documents in time. The full application should be sent to auslstud@fu-berlin.de .