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Individuals interested in studying at Freie Universität Berlin as well as currently enrolled students who do not find the information they are looking for on the web site, are welcome to address their questions to the Info-Service Studium of Freie Universität Berlin. The experienced staff will reply by phone, e-mail, or online chat to questions regarding degree programs, the application procedure, studying abroad, or transferring to another university. If you require a more extensive consultation with the Center for Academic Advising and Counseling, you may make this request through the Info-Service.

The Academic Advisory Service offers students and prospective students individual appointments for advice regarding their studies on such topics as whether to enroll at university, what subject best suits them, and where to best enroll; lack of knowledge or specific prerequisites, doubt over chances of admission; orientation for newly enrolled students, selection of the wrong major, problems in coordinating courses, alternatives to quitting without a degree.

The Psychological Counseling Service assists students at Freie Universität Berlin with a range of events including learning modules on topics such as time and self management, overcoming fear of examinations or speaking in front of an audience, exam preparation, and academic writing. The Psychological Counseling Center also offers students individual consultations.

In addition, Freie Universität also has other counseling services for students with more diverse issues and challenges that may arise during the course of their studies.