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U: Umbuchung (Re-posting/Transfer) to Umbuchungsauftrag (Re-posting/transfer Order)

Umbuchung (Re-posting/Transfer)

If it is determined that a wrong account assignment was used for a posting, it has to be corrected by using a re-posting/transfer order. Regardless of adjustment postings, a proportional payment of costs and internal FU Berlin services between two administrative units (e.g. software purchase, training) can also be initiated using a re-posting/transfer order.

Re-postings/transfers from budget funds to external funding have to be coordinated with the IC1 team and the External Funding Administration office.

If the affected department unit uses the DMS process, the corresponding BIOS re-posting/transfer order form is to be used, which can be called up through the portal access. If the administrative unit does not use the DMS, the form is available on the Division I webpage.

See: DMS; Fonds (Funds); Formulare (Forms); Kontierungselemente (Account Assignment Elements)

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Umbuchungsauftrag (Re-posting/Transfer Order)

See: Formulare (Forms); Umbuchung (Re-posting/Transfer)

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