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Division II (Finance, Purchasing, and Position Management) offers the following services:

Employee Identification Cards

You can see the office management of the Division of Finance, Purchasing, and Position Management to request your employee identification card, which you can use to demonstrate your affiliation with Freie Universität. This is important when using your “job ticket” transit pass and university facilities, including the gym and sports programs of the University Sports Center (Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport).

This office issues validity stickers for the employee identification cards as well.

Fixed Asset Accounting and Inventory FAQ

This section presents information, notes, and rules on the subject of fixed asset accounting in summary form.


Information on PDF forms is presented in summary form here.


The following budgets available for download:

Haushaltsplan 2020/2021

Nachtragshaushaltsplan 2019

Haushaltsplan 2018/2019


Freie Universität circulars are available here.

Training Materials

Training materials for the UniKat procurement system are available for downloading.

We also offer an extensive list of frequently asked questions on this system.

Postal Service

You can get information on sending mail here, along with information on internal correspondence and accounting for postage.

Budgetary Affairs Glossary

Help for day-to-day work: The glossary explains the budget-specific terms you may encounter.