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F: Feststellvermerke (Note of Endorsement) to Freihändige Vergabe (Single Tender Action)

Feststellvermerke (Note of Endorsement)

Endorsement of the budget refers to the verification of the factual accuracy and/or arithmetical accuracy of budgetary transactions.

Only staff members who have been assigned their own area of responsibility and are able to review and evaluate all of the facts of the transaction (scholarship/grant recipients, contract workers, apprentices, interns, trainees, etc. do not qualify as staff) are authorized to issue a note of endorsement note of endorsement verifying the factual/arithmetical accuracy.

Under no circumstances may members of the staff issue notes of endorsement for matters in which they themselves are involved (e.g. as payees).

See: Ausgeschlossene Personen (Excluded Persons); sachliche Richtigkeit (Factural Accuracy); rechnerische Richtigkeit (Arithmetical Accuracy)

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Finanzposition (Commitment Item)

The commitment item is part of the account assignment elements. The term is derived from the SAP accounting system. Commitment items are used to categorize individual revenue and expenditures based on their type. Commitment items are grouped by five-digit headings (e.g. 52508 – Teaching & Research) and three-digit cost types (e.g. 411 – Chemicals).

An overview of the commitment item hierarchies can be accessed via the links below

See: Kontierungselemente (Account Assignment Elements)

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Finanzstelle (Funds Center)

The funds center is part of the account assignment elements. The term is derived from the SAP accounting system. The term is synonymous with “cost center”.

See: Kostenstelle (Cost Center); Kontierungselemente (Account Assignment Elements)

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See: Forschungsförderung (Research Funding)

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Fonds (Funds)

Funds are part of the account assignment elements. The term is derived from the SAP accounting system. A fund is a balance of financial resources which represents temporally limited (funding period) and functionally limited (funding purpose) equity or external funds available to cover expenditures. The numbering system follows the chapter structure used in the budget. The fund number is identical to the internal order number (CO).

Overview of chapters

Chapter 01 – University

Chapter 02 – Research Funding

Chapter 03 – Endowments

Chapter 04 – Grants (External Funding)

Chapter 05 – Grants (Excellence Initiative)

Chapter 06 – Grants (Contract Research)

Chapter 07 – Supplemental Funding Excellence Initiative

Chapter 08 – Personnel Management List

Chapter 09 – Service Areas

Chapter 10 – Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Chapter 12 –Special Programs of the University

Chapter 14 – Department of Veterinary Medicine

Numbering system used for funds:

For the five-digit budget funds:

1-2 Chapter
3-5 Type of management

The budget chapters are 01, 02, 03, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12 and 14, plus there is a special Chapter 70 (Safe Custody).

For the ten-digit external funding funds 04, 06 and 00:

1-2 Chapter
3-4 Department
5-6 Professorship
7-8 Granting organization/donor
9-10 Consecutive number

For the ten-digit external funding funds 05 (Excellence Initiative):

1-2 Chapter
3-4 Types of Excellence
5-6 Funding for Excellence
7-8 Granting organization/donor (7) and differentiated performance indicator (8)
9-10 Consecutive number


s. Kapitel (Budget Chapters); Kontierungselemente (Account Assignment Elements)

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Forderungsverzicht (Waiver of Claims)

See: Veränderung von Ansprüchen (Changes to Claims)

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Formulare (Haushaltswesen) [Forms (Budget)]

All of the forms related to payment transactions can be accessed here.

Members of the pilot areas who already use the digital document management system (DMS), please select the documents that can be accessed via BIOS.

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Forschungsförderung (Research Funding)

The allocation of research funding from Freie Universität Berlin (initiative to establish external funding projects, research centers, research groups, etc.) and the granting of supplementary funding from the DFG (German Research Foundation) for already established externally funded DFG projects is the responsibility of the Research Committee (RC).

  • Guidelines to be followed with regard to the allocation of research.
  • Further information on research funding and its institutionalization at Freie Universität Berlin. The Office of the Research Committee (VI FK subdivision) can also provide additional information.

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Frauenförderung (Promotion of Women)

Various measures are in place at Freie Universität Berlin to promote gender equality and equal opportunities for women. The gender equality officers of the decentralized organizational units and the Chief Gender Equality Officer of Freie Universität Berlin can provide information on this topic.

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Freihändige Vergabe (auch „Verhandlungsverfahren“) [Single Tender Action/Direct Award, also called “negotiated procedure”)]

For detailed information on this topic, see the FU Newsletter H 01/2009

See: Auftragserteilung (Order Placement / Awarding of Contracts); Beschaffungen EDV/IT (Procurement – IT); Beschaffungen Mobiliar (Procurement – Furniture & Furnishings); Vergabeverfahren (Negotiated Procedure); Wirtschafterbefugnis (Management Authorization for Budget Funds)

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