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W: Wegstreckenentschädigung (Mileage Reimbursement) to Workflow (Work Process)

Wegstreckenentschädigung (Mileage Reimbursement)

See the regulations and guidelines regarding university vehicles (Richtlinien zu Dienstkraftfahrzeugen) dated 02-27-1998.

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Weiterbildung (Continuing Education and Training)

For information on the continuing education and training opportunities offered by the I C subdivision (Finances and Human Resources), please see the calendar of events and programs available from the Continuing Education Center.

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Werkvertrag (Contracts for Work and Services)

In principle, all required work and tasks are to be carried out by staff members of Freie Universität Berlin within the scope of their official duties or work obligations. Contracts for work and services are therefore only issued in justified exceptional cases and are subject to various terms and conditions, which can be found in the information sheet listed below. Strict compliance with these terms and conditions is mandatory.

Information on: Werkverträge (Contracts for Work and Services)

In addition, please refer to the pertinent FU Newsletters H 2/2000 and V 08/2004 as well as the “Positive-Negative List”, which explains and details the extremely important criteria concerning social security obligations with regard to awarding contracts for work and services; it is imperative that these criteria be observed by the department or unit awarding the contract. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact the units of the I C 1 team – Budgeting and Budget Management unit.

Only the heads of the department administrations, central institutes, central facilities and divisions are permitted to approve and conclude contracts for work and services. For external funding projects, the project management is responsible for approving and concluding contracts for work and services. The availability of the funds must be ensured prior to awarding a contract for work and services.

See: Heinzelmännchen (Employment Agency for Students); Positiv-Negativ-Liste (Positive-Negative List)

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Wirtschaftsbefugnis (Management Authorization for Budget Funds)

The Wirtschaftsbefugnis (management authorization for budget funds) is a special regulation at Freie Universität Berlin that is derived from the LHO. By default, it includes both the authority to issue orders to the University’s Cashier’s Office and the power of representation (purchase authority), on the basis of which orders and contracts can be initiated in the name of Freie Universität Berlin. Upon request, the management authorization for budget funds is conferred by the Director of Administration and Finance in his function as the Budget Officer.

The department administrations as well as the divisions of the Central University Administration can submit applications for management authorization for budget funds to the Budgeting and Budget Management unit team – II A 1 (further information); changes in the responsibilities and duties have to be promptly reported to the II A 1 and checked by the decentralized department administrations to ensure they are up to date.

See: Anordnungsbefugnis (Authority to Issue Orders); Auftragsvergabe (Order Placement / Awarding of Contracts); Bestellbefugnis (Purchase Authority); Wirtschaftlichkeit (Economic Efficiency)

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Wirtschaftlichkeit (Economic Efficiency)

In line with the principles of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, optimal use of resources should be a focus of all administrative actions. Accordingly, the observance of these principles also includes checking whether a task is required and whether it must be performed by the public agency.

According to the principle of economic efficiency, the goal is the most favorable and cost-efficient ratio between the purpose being pursued and the funds (resources) to be used. The most favorable and cost-efficient purpose-funds ratio exists when a specific result is achieved with the lowest possible use of funds or when the best possible result is achieved using a certain amount of specific funds.

According to the principle of cost-effectiveness, the funds to be used should be limited to the extent necessary to fulfill the task.

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Workflow (Arbeitsprozess) (Work Process)

The term “workflow” refers to the steps used in the DMS (see DMS training materials, p. 5 et seq.)

See: DMS

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