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Call for Applications-Graduate School of Global Politics

Pursue your PhD on Global Politics at FU Berlin and a renowned Chinese partner university. Application deadline is January 16, 2016

News vom 22.11.2015

The Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) is inviting outstanding students to apply for aninnovative 3-year PhD program at Freie Universität Berlin and one of its renowned Chinese partner universities: Fudan University (Shanghai), Jinan University (Guangzhou), Renmin University (Beijing) and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Our program is designed for students who wish to investigate International Relations and Global Politics with a regional focus on East Asia and Europe. We prepare you for a successful, research-oriented career.

Special features of the program include:

  • Pioneer Concept: the GSGP offers the first bi-national German-Chinese PhD program in the social sciences
  • One program, three options:
    (a) Joint Degree: This option is open to students at the Graduate School of Global Politics and students from three partner universities (Jinan University, Renmin University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences). Students will study two years at their home university and one year at the partner university. Expected to begin for the first time in 2016
    (b) FU Berlin degree: This option is open to all successful applicants. Students will study two years in Berlin and one year at a Chinese partner university.
    (c) Sandwich model: This option is open to students from our four Chinese partner universities. They will study two years in China and one year at FU Berlin. Their degree will be conferred by their Chinese home university.
  • Systematic coursework: the common study program offers in-depth knowledge of theories and methodology in International Relations (IR) and courses on various methodologies
  • A 6-12 month research stay in China: your opportunity for on-the-spot research and international academic experience
  • High-quality academic monitoring: supervision by two renowned scholars at FU Berlin and the Chinese partner university
  • Networking: access an exciting international academic network of more than 1000 alumni worldwide

Successful candidates start in fall 2016. After completing the program and dissertation, students will receive a doctoral degree from FU Berlin and the Chinese partner, as stated above.

The Graduate School of Global Politics is run by the Center for Global Politics (CGP). It was founded in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers and is designed for professionals and young leaders who wish to deepen their understanding of today's global challenges. The CGP is situated at Freie Universität Berlin, one of eleven "Universities of Excellence" in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Please use the online application tool. Application deadline is January 16, 2016. If you have any further questions, please contact us at phd@global-politics.org