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Up to 10 PhD fellows at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies. Apply now!

Doctoral Grants starting October 1, 2019. Deadline: December 2, 2018. 

News vom 09.10.2018

The Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) at Freie Universität Berlin invites applications for the academic year 2019/2020 for up to 10 PhD fellows. Applicants for the three-year doctoral program must have a completed degree (M.A. or equivalent) in the following fields: East Asian Studies or Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Business, Economics, Law, History, Cultural Studies, Humanities with a focus on East Asia. 

2 Doctoral Grants will be awarded by the Graduate School Scholarship Programme of the DAAD. In addition, doctoral memberberships (Promotionsplätze) are available for candidates who intend to secure their own PhD funding.

Deadline: December 2, 2018

Doctoral Grants starting October 1, 2019

Further information on the application process and our PhD program can be obtained on our website at: http://www.geas.fu-berlin.de/application/announcements/index.html