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Call for applications: a Workshop for Arab Communication Studies scholars

“Workshop on Communication Studies in Interregional Perspectives: Developments and Challenges in Research and Teaching”

June, 29 – July, 7, 2013 in Berlin


News vom 06.02.2013

The workshop is meant to enhance the mutual understanding of how Communication Studies can be further developed by reflecting on each others’ experiences and concepts. During 7 days, it will bring together 24 scholars from the major communication studies institutes in Egypt, Tunisia and selected other Arab countries to discuss with colleagues from the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at Freie University Berlin and other German scholars.

The workshop will tackle the following subjects in lectures, discussions and visits:

  •  Current challenges for Communication Studies in interregional comparison
  •  Teaching Communication Studies: Approaches and methods
  •  Empirical research in the digital age: Methods, data mining and data securing
  •  Good governance in academia: Dealing with administration and economization
  •  Freedom and ethics in communication research
  •  Strengthening emerging scholars: Strategies and institutions

Moreover, participants will visit German media institutions and get to know the political and media capital Berlin.

The workshop will take place from June 29, 2013 to July 7, 2013 on the campus of FU Berlin. The deadline is February 20, 2013.

Full details on the workshop can be obtained here->