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Call for Applications - Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies admits 15 new candidates and offers 10 scholarships. Closing date for the winter term 2016 will be November 15, 2015

News vom 04.11.2015


Funded by the German federal and state governments’ Excellence Initiative, the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies will admit up to fifteen PhD students to its doctoral programme, which is to begin on 1 October 2016. Up to ten of these candidates will receive a Graduate School grant; the other candidates will be supported in their search for funding.

The Graduate School investigates the plurality, changeability, and global connectedness of Muslim cultures and societies. It invites applications from candidates whose dissertation project fits one of the Graduate School’s Research Areas. Applications relating to the topics of education, communication, cultural and media studies, and Islam and Muslims in the West are especially encouraged. Successful applicants will have a master’s degree in one of the disciplines represented at the Graduate School, with a ranking, where applicable, of above average. Our language of communication is English. Admission is initially for one year, and, contingent upon a positive evaluation after the first year of study, this will be extended for a further twelve months. There is the option of a second twelve-month extension thereafter, with a maximum of three years being covered by the grant.

As part of the three-year programme we expect doctoral students to take active part in the academic life of the Graduate School. Besides doing their PhD, doctoral students should be open to interdisciplinary and transregional exchange. A receptive attitude to challenging research questions on new terrain is very much appreciated.

The application package needs to include the following documents: a completed and signed application form; an outline of the dissertation project (up to 6 pages, with a brief summary); a curriculum vitae; certified copies of degrees received; proof of proficiency in English (native speakers of English or applicants who have graduated from an English-speaking university in a country with English as an official language are exempt from this verification); evidence of proficiency in the language(s) relevant to the dissertation project. Two letters of recommendation must be emailed by the applicant’s referees directly to BGSMCS as signed electronic letters. Holders of PhD scholarships that were awarded on the basis of academic references for the same project with which they are now applying to the Graduate School can submit copies of these references. Applications will be reviewed by the School’s Admissions and Grants Committee.

The complete application package must be submitted, compiled into one PDF file, to application@bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de by 15 November 2015.

Please read the Guidelines for Application to the PhD Programme.

For further information, please visit our website at