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Apply now for DGAP International Summer School!

The EU-Middle East Forum (EUMEF) of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) will be hosting the 16th DGAP International Summer School on “Status Quo and the Road Ahead for Transitions in Egypt and Tunisia” in Berlin from 26 August until 7 September 2012

News vom 10.04.2012

Egypt and Tunisia have been witnessing radical changes ever since toppling presidents

Mubarak and Ben Ali. They have seen among others a remarkable awakening of their

people and their interest in politics and in shaping their own societies.


The summer school will look at the status of transitions in both countries,

highlightingachievements, failures, and challenges ahead and developing strategies and

solutions throughintense exchange and debate. The summer school offers participants

a unique opportunity to experience a highly stimulating, intellectual environment and to

broaden horizons by attending lectures, panel debates, working groups, and communication

and argumentation workshops, and by engaging in Oxford-debates (role-plays).

Renowned experts, academics as well as practitioners, offer their insights and analysis,

and participants visit thematically relevant institutions in Berlin and experience intense joint

 intellectual and social activities.


We are looking for qualified students at the end of their studies or recent

graduates (24 - 28 years of age) from Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Greece,

Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Applicants should have an academic background

in the fields of social science, economics, law or media and should demonstrate great

interest in the transformation processes in Egypt and Tunisia and related subjects.

Working language is English. DGAP will cover all programrelated costs in Berlin,

i.e. accommodation and meals/drinks. In addition, participants will receive a travel subsidy

according to his/her place of residence. Participation in all activities related to the

summer school is mandatory.


To apply, please send the following documents at: runge@dgap.org

- The filled-in application form

- A one-page letter of motivation in which you express your motivation and highlight your

relevant qualifications

- A one-page-paper of two suggestions (half a page for each idea) for an intended

 inputstatement in narrative form (the final paper should comprise around 2000 words and

 must be sent to the organizers prior to the summer school)

Deadline for application is 6 May 2012.

More information about the program can be obtained here ->