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Maternity Protections

Find here the info sheets and forms regarding maternity protections of students.

The forms are PDF files, which can be filled in electronically using Adobe Acrobat (not with the internal viewer of Firefox). The forms may be signed digitally if using Adobe Acrobat.

If links are designated "internal", they are only accessible through the FU intranet, if external, please use VPN.


Pregnant and nursing students please contact the Student Administration Office.

Info Sheet for Students Regarding Maternity Protections

Declaration for Students Waiving the Protection Period before or after Delivery (internal)
Individual Review for Maternity Protections (this form has to be completed together with the contact person responsible for maternity protections at the relevant department for the student´s core subject) (internal)

Course instructors

Info Sheet for Instructors Regarding Maternity Protections for Students (internal)