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Prospective students and applicants are welcome to address their questions to the Info-Service Studium of Freie Universität Berlin, information by telephone under +49-(0)30 838 700 00.

- Master´s programs

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
Ulrike Seyferth
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin
(030) 838 75336 (only for questions concerning study requirements and subject, inquiries preferably by e-mail)

For admittance to the master’s program applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • First Degree: You need to have an university degree (bachelor or equivalent), either from Germany or an equivalent foreign degree, in a higher education program comprising at least six semesters that qualifies to practice a profession.
  • Language: Either you (1) did earn your university degree at an education institution where English is the language of instruction or (2) you are required to prove English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Computer Science, Bioinformatics & Programming Skills: You need at least 25 credits in computer science modules. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in modules in which you acquired knowledge in a imperative programming language, such as C/C++, Java or Python and at least 10 credits in the area of algorithms.
  • Mathematics/Statistics: You need at least 25 credits in mathematical modules. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in the area of linear algebra or analysis and at least 10 credits in the area of statistics.
  • Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry: You need at least 25 credits in this area. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in the area of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

Further information can be found in the regulations on allocation of study placement for the master’s program Bioinformatics (in German).

Students do not pay any tuition fees, the university only charges semester fees and contributions each semester.

The master’s program in bioinformatics is a direct response to a paradigm shift taking place in medicine and biological sciences. Further research in these areas rests on the evaluation of masses of biological data: here, the use of computers, combined with accurate mathematical models and efficient algorithms is essential. Employing adequate training in the various sub-disciplines, this program provides the required knowledge for students to be able to judge mathematical methods and models, to recognize relevant biological questions, and to correctly interpret the results of the models in a biological context.

For further information on the content and structure of the Master's program in Bioinformatics, please refer to the Online Studies Selection Guide (OSA).

Several professorships and a number of research groups ensure high quality teaching in FUB's bioinformatics program. The program is a joint effort by FUB's Department for Mathematics and Computer Science, the Department for Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics, and the medical faculty of the Charité Berlin. In addition, there are several cooperations with institutions such as the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics (MPI), the Max-Delbrück-Center (MDC), and the Konrad-Zuse-Center for Information Technology (ZIB).

1st Semester Admissions
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Admission for Higher Semesters
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