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Requirements for an Erasmus+ Study abroad

1. Erasmus cooperation agreement

  • There must be an interinstitutional agreement between the Freie Universität Berlin and the partner university in the relevant subject (no arbritariness in the choice of a host university/ subject at the host university). The length of stay (1-2 semesters) and the study level (BA/ BSc, MA/Msc or Doc) are also part of bilateral agreements.

2. Duration of Stay

  • An Erasmus study visit should amount to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months, all of which must be within a funding period (June 1st until September 30th of the following year). The minimum stay of 3 months may only be exceeded if trimester or terms offered at a partner university are shorter. Students ca can complete one or more mobility phases per study cycle. Each cycle can be funded for a total of 12 months. This applies to all study levels.
  • The mobility phase for students completing a Staatsexamen, Diplom- or Magister program can be up to 24 months in total, whereby a maximum of 12 months can be completely within one funding period.
  • Please note that mobility phases already completed within the framework of LLP-Erasmus+ program are counted towards the maximum period of 12 months/24 months.

3. Who is allowed to study abroad with Erasmus+

In order to apply for an Erasmus placement, students must be enrolled full-time at the FU Berlin and have completed the second semester of their studies. The study abroad must be part of the student’s study program. In exceptional cases an Erasmus semester is possible even if students are not planning on taking part in classes at the host university. In this case, you will receive a mobility and subsistence lump sum instead of complete financial support.

4. Students with special needs

Students with special needs (e.g. disabilities or an accompanying minor) can apply for extra funds. You are kindly asked to contact the responsible Erasmus Coordinators early on for detailed advice.

5. Combining an Exchange with an Internship

Studies and internships can be combined within the framework of an Erasmus exchange- if following conditions are met:

  • The internship takes place under the supervision of the host university in which the student is completing an exchange. The internship must be indicated in the Learning Agreement.
  • The internship and the studies take place are completed in the same year and are completed directly after each other.
  • The maximum duration of 12 months may not be exceeded. This combination is considered as an SMS period.