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Does my health insurance cover me in the host country or am I insured via the FU?

The Erasmus mobility grant does not cover health insurance. Neither the FU Berlin, European Commission nor the DAAD is liable for any damages resulting from illness, death, accident, injuries, loss or damage of property in connection with an Erasmus+ exchange.

By accepting the grant, students are required to provide for health insurance coverage for the entire duration of their stay abroad.

Health Insurance

You must prove that you have an active health insurance that is recognized in the host country in order to enroll at your host university. In some cases, this will exempt you from compulsory health insurance in the host country. If required, you may need to organize additional health insurance services (ex.: the costs of medical treatment in non-EEA countries, such as Croatia and Turkey).

The DAAD gives students an option to get a “group insurance”, which includes both a foreign health insurance as well as an accident and personal liability insurance. Detailed information can be found here.

Please consult your insurance company for more information and possible insurances that fit your needs.

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