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Application with German Degree

If you earned your degree in Germany and wish to apply for the first or a higher subject-specific semester of a master’s program, please apply via the online form at the bottom of this page.

Please send the following documents via mail to Freie Universität Berlin (email and fax are not accepted) if you have applied for immediate admission due to extreme hardship within the online application:

  • the signed application form,  the completed special application sheet along with all documents supporting your special application as officially certified copies

After the successful submission of your online application, please upload the following documents by selecting the application number.
You will receive detailed information concerning the upload via an automatically generated mail, which is sent to the e-mail address you stated in your online application. Documents send by mail will not be considered!

Uploading is possible few hours after receipt of the confirmation email.



graduation certificate
(if you have completed your studies)
If you are applying for a higher subject-specific semester, this document is stringently required.

with a final grade in German grading system

official current transcript of records

with a final grade, even if only two-thirds of the studies have been completed
(Freie Universität does not calculate final grades)


if you earned your credits or your relevant professional work experience abroad, you are also required to submit translations of the certificates prepared by an official translator. Records in English do not need to be translated

in addition, an official 2/3 certificate from the respective examination office - either with a digital signature or stamp and signature include the current performance level as well as a provisional final grade (contact your departmental examination office - Prüfungsbüro) 

only concerning enrolled students of Freie Universität

official transcript of records for the master’s program and a current certificate of enrollment

only concerning applications for higher subject-specific semesters

if applicable, current certificate of enrollment

in case you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled at a German university/college after completing your first degree

proof of English knowledge

if required for the chosen master’s program

proof of other language knowledge

if required for the chosen master’s program

sufficient knowledge of German
(e.g. Abitur (German secondary education qualification))

if you have earned a degree in Germany, where the language of instruction is not German

for the master’s programs Finance, Accounting and Taxation as well as Management and Marketing

your thesis or an equivalent paper

for the master’s program Business Information Systems

the thesis prepared in previous academic program, if you have not studied the bachelor's program Business Information Systems

for the master’s program Psychology

registration for the bachelor's thesis, in case you have not earned your final degree yet

for the master’s program Bioinformatics

self-disclosure form (see the department's website)

for the master’s program Data Science

self-disclosure form (see the department's website)

for the master’s program Cognitive Neuroscience

self-disclosure form (see the department's website)

if applicable, additional study-related skills

if this is a selection criterion for the desired master’s program (please see the specific regulation on allocation of study placements)

Additional forms (included in the online application):


self-disclosure form (Selbstauskunftsformular), assignment of contents (if applicable), proof of activity with subject reference

Global History

choice of university where you would like to enroll

For the master’s of education program “Quereinstiegs-Master”:  Please inform yourself on the webpage of Dahlem School of Education (the webpage is only available in German) what documents are required.

Please check carefully, if you have uploaded all required documents in due time. Faxes and e-mails are not accepted. We do not inform you on missing documents. Your application is considered incomplete if your application form is not received by Freie Universität and if your documents are not uploaded completely. As a result, your application will not take part in the selection process.

Application for Consecutive Master's Programs, First Semester

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