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Exchanges of study placements (applications sent directly to Freie Universität Berlin)

Exchanges of study placements are permitted between two students who are enrolled at two different German universities in the same program with limited admissions (impacted program) without a time limit, in the same subject-specific semester (Fachsemester) or segment of the program (Studienabschnitt), as the case may be.

The exchange must be approved by both universities. Freie Universität Berlin does not participate in larger group exchanges of study placements (Ringtausch arrangements). Any student at Freie Universität Berlin who wishes to trade placements with another student is required to present the appropriate academic records for the semester in question.

Exchanges involving combination bachelor’s degree programs at Freie Universität Berlin are permitted only if both students are studying the same combination of subjects and the programs follow the same structure. Students will not be enrolled if the combination is incomplete.

Students who wish to trade study placements are required to find the other party to the arrangement themselves. Aside from notices posted on campus and in certain newspapers, students can also look to exchange or barter platforms for assistance in finding another student who wishes to exchange placements.

Applications should be sent to the Admissions Office
starting in mid-February for the summer semester,
and starting in mid-August for the winter semester; in both cases, applications are accepted up until courses begin;
Application to Exchange Study Placements (pdf-file).

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