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Application for the Lottery Procedure

If you have missed the application or registration deadline for an undergraduate degree program, you can apply for a study place in a restricted course of studies via the lottery procedure. A lottery procedure only takes place if there are still study places available after the admission procedures have been completed. You can visit the official list of study placements throughout Germany, the Studienplatzbörse (only in German), for information on higher education institutions and on study programs where placements are available.

The following degree programs allow for application by lottery:

Chemistry, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies

Information on the lottery procedure (DOSV) at Freie Universität Berlin:

The application for the lottery procedure is possible at Freie Universität Berlin exclusively for mono-bachelor programs online via Hochschulstart. An application via the lottery procedure is only possible for applicants who have not yet applied for the same degree program in the coordination phase or who have not yet received admission in the DoSV.

  •  For information on how to apply, please use the information provided by Hochschulstart (see notes on Group 2). The lottery procedure there is "coordinated allocation of remaining study places" mentioned.
  •  If you obtained your university entrance qualification abroad, you are required to prove sufficient knowledge of German language upon enrollment. Admissions granted by lottery are given so late that it would no longer be possible to take the DSH exam.
  • If you receive a study place by lottery, you must prove that you have the appropriate university entrance qualification in order to enroll; in addition, other entrance requirements for the respective study program must already be met. Please inform yourself in advance about the extended admission requirements for your desired course of study.
  • The lottery procedure is carried out after the regular application deadline. All admitted applicants will receive an admission notice in their application portal as a PDF document to print and/or save. Rejection notices will not be issued.

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