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Application for Higher Semesters (Group 4)

Candidates who have studied successfully in another state in Germany for at least one year based on their professional qualifications (group 4) can continue their studies at Freie Universität Berlin in the same study program or a study program with largely the same content.
Candidates who have studied in another country based on their professional qualifications must apply for the first semester in the subject if the criteria are met (general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification).

To apply please send in the following documents:


application for admission with signature
CV showing your professional experience in table format  
last certificate of enrollment including the name of the study program and the semester as a simple copy
certificate of your advanced continuing or professional education program (Aufstiegsfortbildung) or a certificate of a government-operated or government-accredited vocational school (Fachschule) including final grade in  a simple copy
certificate regarding the vocational or professional training completed, including final grade as well as and Reference attesting to at least three years of professional experience in the profession in which you were trained including final grade in a simple copy


The information on the individual subjects provided on the Undergraduate Degree Programs page states in each case what language skills are required and whether applicants may be required to take a language test.

To enroll, candidates must present a notice of placement for the relevant semester from the department at Freie Universität Berlin that is responsible for the program.

Application-form for higher subject-specific semesters in study programs with restricted admission capacity:

Please fill in the appropriate online application form carefully, send the data and print the letter addressed to Freie Universität Berlin (application for admission). Sign the letter and send it by mail to the address indicated within the deadline.

Online admission for higher subject-specific semester with restricted admission capacity

Application for higher subject-specific semester in study programs without limitation:

Please fill out the online-form for bachelor’s degree programs without limitation carefully. Registration form will be produced then. Sign the form and send it with the above mentioned documents by mail to the address indicated within the deadline.

After completing the application, it is possible to keep informed on the current status of your application and your exam results via our application portal.

Contact for study programs with limitation: Admissions Office of Freie Universität Berlin

Contact for study programs without limitation: Student Records and Registration Office of Freie Universität Berlin

Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistenten der Freien Universität
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