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Application with Non-German University Entrance Qualification

Please be aware that the full range of courses for the winter semester 2024/2025 will not be available in the uni-assist application portal until June 1, 2024.

In general, prospective students with a foreign university entrance qualification must apply for a degree program at Freie Universität Berlin using the online application via uni-assist.

Please note the following special regulations:

Prospective students with a foreign university entrance qualification apply directly to Freie Universität Berlin if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • FU students who wish to change one or more minor subjects of a combi bachelor and are already enrolled in the major subject at Freie Universität Berlin


  1. Please fill out the appropriate online application form carefully and do not forget to transmit it to uni-assist. (Freie Universität Berlin will only accept applications provided with the uni-assist online form!)
    Studienkolleg: Please apply for the intended degree program. It is not possible to apply directly for the Studienkolleg! If the Studienkolleg has to be completed before the degree program, applicants will receive an invitation to take the study aptitude test.
  2. Upload all required documents to the uni-assist application portal by the deadline.
  3. List of application documents
    You can see which documents belong to your university entrance qualification in the anabin database.
  4. Applicants with certificates from China, India or Vietnam have to submit the original certification from an Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)) in addition to the required documents. Academic Evaluation Centres are service institutions of the Cultural Affairs Section of the German Embassies in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). For India, an application through the Academic Evaluation Centres India is required.
  5. Please also note the information on specific countries provided by uni-assist.

If you want to apply for a degree program that participates in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV), your path to a degree program begins with registration on the Hochschulstart website. We have compiled a document on what you need to know when applying. During registration, you enter your personal data and create a user account. You will then receive an applicant ID (BID) and an applicant authentication number (BAN). You will need this BID and BAN to complete the online application on the uni-assist website.

Please note that within the framework of the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure, different portals with different logins must be used for registration, application as well as other functions.

In order to check the formal requirements, uni-assist needs the following documents from all applicants:

school leaving and university certificates which are part of your university entrance qualification
official translations of all certificates if issued in any language other than English or German issued either by a sworn translator or by an institution authorized to provide translations for official purposes
proof of sufficient knowledge of German depending on the desired degree program
earlier university degree or certificate with grade applicants for a second course of study (Zweitstudienbewerber) - if you have already graduated in EU/EWR member state
The following documents are only required if you belong to the specified applicant groups:
applications for a second course of study
  • the degree certificate of your first degree program with overall grade, if you have already completed a degree program in an EU/EEA member state
  • a short written statement justifying your decision to pursue a second course of study in relation to all components of the desired degree program
application for teaching degrees with Berlin Senate recognition / adaptation course
  • notification of recognition of teacher qualification by the Senate Department for Education, Youth, and Family
  • consultation protocol of the DSE (Dahlem School of Education), which you will receive when you visit the office hours of the DSE
application for the higher semester current certificate of enrollment with indication of course of study and semester of study
selection of a degree program with special foreign language requirements appropriate foreign language skills have to be submitted for enrollment

The following documents are additionally required if you belong to the specified applicant groups and are a German citizen or a citizen of an EU member state as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway:

applicants submitting a special request (Härtefall, Antrag auf Verbesserung der Durchschnittsnote, Antrag auf Verbesserung der Wartezeit)
applicants belonging to an Olympiakader, Perspektivkader, Ergänzungskader, Nachwuchskader 1, Nachwuchskader 2 or Paralympicskader squad, built on federal level, belonging to a federal association of the DOSB and catered by an Olympic Traning Center (OSP) in Berlin or Brandenburg current proof of squad-membership issued by the professional association (Fachverband)
online application in the context of the quota for underage applicants - If you are a minor at the time of the application deadline (15.01./15.07.) living in Berlin or Brandenburg with a person who has custody of you In case of admission, you have to submit  a registration certificate proving the afore-stated for enrollment. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for the registration certificate immediately after submitting your application.

Please note: uni-assist will not forward incomplete applications to Freie Universität Berlin!