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Monday October 16, 2017

Chair: Prof. Brigitta Schütt, Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Itay Fishhendler, Hebrew University Jerusalem and Christoff Kotze, Freie Universität Berlin

Report from the Research Project "Shifting
Renewable Energy Targets"

Dr. Clemens Mader, University of Zurich

Professional Training for Education for Sustainable Development. Learnings from an European wide study among universities and a case from University of Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Nina Kolleck, Freie Universität Berlin

The power of social networks: How bureaucracies shape Climate Change Education in the UNFCCC

Prof. Nikolai Bobylev, Saint Petersburg State University

Modernization of the MS Environmental Management Program curriculum at SPBU in the context of MS Sustainability Educational Programs of the world's leading

Prof. Yitzhak Hadar and Dr. Amit Tubi, Hebrew University Jerusalem

Advancing a broader understanding of environmental
research and applications: crossing the discipline boundaries

Prof. Dr. Petra Skiebe-Corrette, Freie Universität Berlin

Hands-on teachers training in the framework of a collaborative and experimental lab “NatLab”

Prof. Dr. Inka Bormann, Freie Universität Berlin

Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education. Five Central Questions