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Quality management has many aspects.

Quality management has many aspects.
Image Credit: Gerd Helm

Freie Universität Berlin has been awarded “system accredited” status as an entire institution, meaning it has the right to accredit its degree programs independently through an internal process. In everything it does, Freie Universität Berlin follows the two key maxims of decentralization and participation. As a result, we believe that high quality can best be ensured through a dialogue between all actors who contribute to it - students, teaching staff, and the university administration.

Consequently, the formal responsibility for quality assurance processes and their evaluation, like the responsibility for implementing quality assurance measures, lies mainly with the departments and central institutes. The internal accreditation process certifies that they have fulfilled these responsibilities.

The internal accreditation process, however, is not managed through an exclusive, centralized system. The Quality Management unit sees itself as providing a service, helping the departments and central institutes to prepare for the accreditation process through advice, practical guidance, and tools. It acts as a partner, offering constructive dialogue throughout the entire process, and is also responsible for establishing transparent, relevant guidelines and rules.