Shaping the Future of Teaching and Education Together

What characterizes a positive university culture in terms of education? What makes teaching and learning at Freie Universität special? What should education look like ten years from now at our university?

Dahlem campus seen from the sky.

Dahlem campus seen from the sky.
Image Credit: Dirk Laubner

Freie Universität Berlin plans to address these questions as part of a campus-wide participatory process aimed at creating a shared vision for the future of education and teaching. We want to take steps together to develop a mission statement for teaching and learning as well as an educational strategy for the university.

The process will start summer semester 2020 with an event that brings together all members of the university. Students, instructors, and university employees working in research, education, and administration are all invited! Anyone who is a member of the university and feels strongly about teaching and education is welcome to contribute their ideas and knowledge. Get involved!

You can find more information and current updates regarding our efforts to establish a mission statement and an educational strategy on this website as well as in university publications and Freie Universität’s social media channels.

We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and comments. We also welcome any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at