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Flyer Career Service

Flyer Career Service
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Bachelor’s degree programs at Freie Universität Berlin combine education in a specific discipline within the degree program in that subject with modules within the general professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, ABV) field, which are geared toward professional practice. You can choose from a wide range of courses, choose individual areas of focus, and supplement your own competency profile with qualifications that are relevant in terms of both the labor market and your own personality. The general professional skills (ABV) study field also includes a mandatory professional internship.

Study Structure

Out of the total of 180 credits required to complete a bachelor’s degree program at Freie Universität, 30 credits must be earned in ABV. That equates to one-sixth of all of the student’s studies. The ABV study field is structured as follows:

General Professional Skills (ABV) Study Field
(30 credits)

Mandatory Professional Internship

Internship Related to the Profession or Career
(in Germany or another country)

(5, 10, or 15 credits)


Longer Internship Abroad
(20, 25, or 30 credits)



Modules in Six Skill Areas
(5, 10, or 15 credits)

  • Foreign Languages

  • Information and Media Skills

  • Gender and Diversity Awareness

  • Organization and Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Sustainability
  • Subject-related Additional Qualifications


The number of credits you receive for the professional internship depends on the length of the internship. If you decide to do a shorter internship, you can choose more modules from the six skill areas and vice versa. If you do a five-month internship in another country, you can earn the full 30 required ABV credits through the internship alone. Please consult our website for information on the internship module and details of your options.

The general professional skills (ABV) study field is governed by a central set of study and examination regulations. The specific regulations for some study programs also include subject-specific particularities and/or additions. You should always be sure to note the extent to which the provisions of the central ABV rules apply to you.

Tasks of the Career Service within ABV

With only a few exceptions, the Career Service is responsible for handling professional internships that take place within the scope of general professional skills courses (ABV). We provide information on finding and applying for internships, advise students on aid options for internships abroad, plan and organize internship colloquia, and ultimately conclude the internship modules in Campus Management so that credits can be posted to your study account.

In addition, we also handle the “communication skills” skill area and act as a point of contact for questions regarding the three modules “Präsentieren, Diskutieren, Moderieren” (Present, Discuss, Moderate), “Gesprächsführung und Verhandlung” (Conducting Discussions and Negotiations), and “Optimierung der persönlichen Arbeitsprozesse” (Optimizing Personal Working Processes).

Training for Mentoring and Tutoring is offered for students in higher semesters in their subject (Fachsemester) who wish to support and assist beginning students at their institutes throughout the first year of their studies. Successful participation in the training is eligible for five ABV credits.

ABV Contact Persons

Please visit our German website for a list of ABV contact persons.