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How is the questionnaire structured?

The questionnaire content was coordinated with the university management and with the departments and central institutes. The survey contains questions on the following subject areas:

  •  Personal information and study program information
  •  Study conditions: educational career to date
  •  Evaluation of study offerings and study conditions in the (core) subject

–  Evaluation of the introductory phase of studies
–  Evaluation of modules
–  Evaluation of the quality of instruction
–  Evaluation of study requirements/feasibility of completion (workload)
–  Evaluation of selected aspects of the infrastructure (e.g. library offerings)
–  Evaluation of the examination organization
–  Evaluation of the support and supervision provided by instructors
–  Evaluation of the social climate (contact with fellow students, instructors)

  •  Additional topics for combination bachelor’s degree programs: evaluation of separate modules
  •  Evaluation of the ABV or LBW study areas
  •  Study behavior and study experiences

–  Time spent abroad
–   Individual learning experiences (experiences of autonomy and workload, lack of motivation, difficulties with studies)
–   Academic performance
–   Where applicable, reasons for exceeding the regular study period

  • Living situation during studies (e.g. children, work)
  • Study satisfaction
  • Acquisition of subject-specific knowledge and key skills
  • Plans for the period after the bachelor's degree program

In addition, the survey also includes open-ended questions in various places to give you a chance to provide information beyond the standardized response options or to offer a more nuanced view of your suggestions for improving the program.