From sharing acacemic and professional experiences with students to supporting research, teaching, and junior researchers as a member of the friends' association - there are numerous ways for alumni to get involved at Freie Universität.

Engagement for the university and its students gives alumni the opportunity to remain an active part of the university and to professionally and personally benefit from new networks.




Sharing Exerpriences & Mentoring

Freie Universität values its alumni as ambassadors whose personal experience with Freie Universität influences public perception of the university and whose academic and professional experience is invaluable to students and doctoral students. Freie Universität is therefore asking alumni to actively share their experience and expertise to support students on their path towards graduation and beyond.

Membership & Giving

In addition to non-material support, becoming a member of the Reuter Association, the central association for the promotion of research and scholarship at Freie Universität Berlin, offers additional possibilities to support research, teaching as well as junior researchers at Freie Universität. If you are considering giving a gift to Freie Universität, the Ernst Reuter Foundation is your first point of contact.