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Interdisciplinary Series of Public Lectures at Freie Universität Berlin

Offener Hörsaal

For more than thirty years Freie Universität has been holding public lectures over a broad range of topics. Interested individuals are invited to attend the lectures and and gain insights into well-founded analyses of current issues and new findings from all fields of research that are presented in a generally understandable manner. The lectures offer dialog and discussion about many issues in scholarship and science, society, nature, and technology.

We invite you to participate in these stimulating and multifaceted meetings, in which recognized scholars and scientists present their findings and analyses.

More information and the complete program as a pdf file can be downloaded. All interested persons are welcome to attend the public lecture series. Admission is free. Advance registration is required for the events taking place at Freie Universität. Your confirmation of registration will also include the location.

(Please note that most of the lectures are presented in German, but some of them are in English. See the program descriptions and titles for details.)