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Liaison Offices of Freie Universität

Das internationale Netzwerk der Freien Universität

Das internationale Netzwerk der Freien Universität
Image Credit: CIC, Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität maintains a worldwide network of liaison offices in Cairo, New Delhi, Moscow, Beijing, and São Paulo. The offices are tasked with international outreach for research cooperation, introduction of Freie Universität and its profile in the respective world region, and recruitment of promising junior researchers. The Liaison Offices also organize alumni events in their region and keep alumni in the region informed about Freie Universität.

Alumni living abroad are invited to contact the Liaison Office in their region. By registering not only with the central Alumni Network but also the Liaison Office, they receive local alumni news and event invitations. For questions regarding Freie Universität, the Offices may serve as a first point of contact.