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Constellations of participation in BIP

The coordinating partner university is usually also the host university. It coordinates and organizes the BIP on its own campus. The other participating partner universities send the participants to the BIP at the coordinating university. In this case, the students of the coordinating university are not mobile. The sent mobile participants receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant from the home institution (= sending institution).

The coordinating university can also be a sending partner if the BIP is carried out in another program country. In this case the coordinating unversity can send mobile participants. The mobilities are funded as short-term mobilities with Erasmus+ grants.

The partner universities whose students participate in the BIP are sending universities and plan mobility grants for their own mobile participants (short-term mobility outgoings).

Participating students can be individually selected students or entire cohorts of a study programme.

Constellation 1: FUB is the coordinating university, the BIP takes place in Berlin (FUB is the host institution). FUB Participants do not receive funding because there is no mobility. (Possible mobility grant: Invitation of guests/speakers from other institutions, not universities, from program countries. These could receive Erasmus+ grants for Staff Mobility).

Constellation 2: The FUB coordinates the BIP, but the venue of the joint short mobility phase is another university in a programme country. The FUB is coordinating and sending university (can also coordinate exclusively and not send anyone). Mobile participants of the FUB can receive Erasmus+ mobility grants.

Constellation 3: A partner university in a European programme country coordinates the BIP, the FUB participates as a partner university and sends mobile students or staff to the BIP. The participants of FUB receive a mobility grant from the FUB as sending university. The conditions of the Erasmus+ Short-term Student Mobility and/or the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility apply (see Erasmus+ BIP mobility grant).