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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA)

The Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission provides faculty of Freie Universität Berlin with an opportunity to teach at one of the partner universities in another European country for a short period of time. This gives them an opportunity to gain teaching experience in another environment and to learn about new teaching methods.

Regulations for Staff Mobility for Teaching

Terms and Conditions

In order to take part in the programme, an inter-institutional agreement between Freie Universität and the respective partner institution must be in place, granting the possibility of a teaching mobility. Only partner institutions holding a valid ECHE (Erasmus-Charta for Higher Education) can bring forth such agreements. You can find an overview of our existing agreements in our partnership database.

The minimum duration of a teaching mobility is 2 days, the maximum duration is 2 months (60 days). During the stay abroad, teaching staff has to perform at least 8 hours of teaching per week. Funding starts the first day requiring cumpolsory attendance at the partner institution according to the agreement, which the partner institution has to confirm. Additional funding can be granted for an extra day for travelling (one for each direction).

Within the context of Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching persons can be supported who have a contractual relationship with Freie Universität, including emeritus and retired professors as well as lecturers. Moreover, doctoral candidates who are enrolled at Freie Universität can apply for funding.

Priorities for Funding

Teaching staff should ideally apply for funding for a duration of one week, in justified cases for up to two weeks.

In general, mobilities that strengthen and help the establishment of relationships between departments, serve the preparation of future cooperation projects, or ameliorate the Erasmus+ student exchange numbers have priority.

Our funding priorities are:

  1. - Staff who has not participated in an Erasmus+ teaching staff exchange yet
  2. - Mobilities that take place for the first time with a respective partner institution
  3. - Staff who has already received funding the year before but visited a different institution

Moreover, teaching staff who will be returning to an institution visited the year before can receive funding.

Application and Documents

Applications can be handed in at all times. The following documents are necessary:

1. For the application:

2. Before departure:

3. After the mobility:

  • Confirmation of attendance, issued by the partner institution for the teaching (original document)
  • travelling documents (boarding passes, train tickets, petrol station receipts) to confirm the period of travelling
  • report about the teaching mobility: You will receive a request via e-mail to hand in the electronic report within the "Mobility Tool" of the European Commission. You have 30 days to do so.

Mobility Grant

The mobility grants are calculated on the basis of EU prescribed unit costs for travel and stay. You can find an overview here.

Special Grants

Within the framework of Erasmus+ special grants can be paid. This concerns participants with a degree of disablement of at least 50% (Grad der Behinderung, GdB). An application for special grants must be handed in at least 2 months prior the mobility, which is why we ask you to contact us in time if you consider applying for special grants.


Employees of Freie Universität are accident-insured at Unfallkasse Berlin without additional costs. This insurance also covers approved business trips. Other staff has to take care of their insurance on their own.

We strongly suggest to buy the following insurances:

  • foreign health insurance
  • insurance for accidents with protection abroad
  • liability insurance with protection abroad

You have the possibility to join the group insurance (Gruppenversicherung) of the DAAD on your own cost. For more details, see Versicherungsstelle des DAAD.

Contact Person

Frau Stefanie RITTER
Abteilung Internationales
Referat IVB - Wissenschaftsbeziehungen
Kaiserswerther Str.
14195 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 838-73441
E-Mail: stefanie.ritter@fu-berlin.de

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

For more details, see the German version of this page.


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